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  1. “After a friend suggested I try hypnotherapy I was extremely apprehensive. Besides, I didn’t have what I considered a real problem; life had delt a few challenging blows, the death of my mother and a marriage breakdown, but on the whole, I was healthy and well. However, I always felt slightly stressed or anxious, and at times a bit down. My nerves were permanently on edge – frayed. If someone looked at me the wrong way I’d want to cry. I juggle a full time job, children and studies but found myself shying away from any challenging environment with work or friends. I started to cut myself off from my larger circle of friends as it was just too much. I kept myself busy and that is what I thought was the best way to deal with not feeling quite right. I exercise most days and this seemed to keep me functioning with whatever the problem was. I didn’t want to go to the doctors as I was worried I would be placed on antidepressants and I didn’t really feel that this was the correct solution for me, or that my symptoms were bad enough to warrant a visit.

    Talking about how I felt to a good friend was the start of my journey with hypnotherapy. Knowing how I was feeling, she suggested I give it ago. My preconceptions were that this was a treatment for people wanting to give up something, like smoking. I also presumed it was a way of tricking your brain into thinking you didn’t need these crutches in life. I thought I would be placed into some strange trance and my brain would be reprogrammed into believing something or that my subconscious would be manipulated. I was wrong.

    Working with Lisa is not about trickery. For me, it was about finding the right path out of my ‘rut’. My brain was holding onto my past traumas so that I wouldn’t be hurt again. It makes sense really; if you burn your hand in a fire, your body will be on high alert every time you go anywhere near one again. All very well, but your mind clinging to these images and memories can cause more pain and damage. It stopped me from moving forwards. The negativity and constantly looking backward was getting me down. I’d tried Counselling and Cognitive Therapy but it didn’t seem to help me move fully away from the problem. Lisa focuses on talking through the upset and helps find the right tools you need to move on, tools you already have. In our sessions, we then focus on the positive aspects of the day or week. The science behind shifting away from thinking about the negatives and looking at the positives enables your brain to process challenges effectively. It naturally looks at ways to solve it – that’s the subconscious bit. It’s not mumbo jumbo. It’s biology. With your brain in a good happy place, Lisa then places you into an extremely relaxed state. At all times you are fully aware of what’s being said and you are always fully in control. I walk away from our sessions feeling calm, relaxed and in control of my life.

    I’ve had about 8 or 9 sessions with Lisa but the results were pretty imminent. In my sessions, we seem to empty my stress bucket as if I’ve had a good night’s sleep or a really good talk to a counselor. I’m left feeling strong. This sense of being calm and in control lasts. I still have my low days, but they are very few and far between. I have this beautiful inner calm. I feel happy. That sounds so small, but when you are in function mode to avoid thinking, it really has made all the difference to me. I wake up and feel calm. That’s a huge change and a massive relief. My chest pains of anxiety have gone. I can relax in the evenings without negative thoughts seeping in making me feel miserable. I’m back in control of my mind.

    Lisa has also been amazing. Relaxed, calm and informative. She has a lovely way about her and confidence in her ability to help. Her sessions are a really wonderful experience. I really enjoy the process.

    Would I recommend hypnotherapy? Without a shadow of a doubt. There are no side effects; its 100% safe and it uses tools you already have to help yourself. It is truly life-changing. Give it a go.”

  2. Lisa Heaton Winskill comes with many positive reviews. I have had the pleasure of having her perform what I can only explain as a miracle. I have in the past paid £100’s into regression therapy, 1-2-1 therapy and no one could ever penetrate through my garden exterior to help me relax, focus and become positive. In just two visits Lisa has me in trance, relaxed, I have coped with these strange times without a night loss of sleep.
    She can explain things that we can all relate too in simple terms and help us to rework our thinking and brain structure.
    I cannot thank or recommend her enough.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  3. I got so much more from my sessions with Lisa than I could have imagined. Hypnotherapy is something you need to try in order to believe it and in my experience – wow! I would highly recommend it to everyone. I saw Lisa in the hope she could help me stop involuntary blinking – in a new job I was more conscious of it than ever. I didn’t know if it was caused by tiredness, stress, nervousness or just habit. Either way, it’s been a few months now since I’ve been conscious of my blinking, and my family can’t remember the last time they noticed it. But better than that, and unexpectedly, I’ve gained an inner calmness and improved confidence. In situations that would previously have flustered me, I’ve remained calm and in control, and I still can’t believe I’m so unphased by things. The trance state of mind is an incredible feeling. You’re definitely not asleep, you’re aware of everything that’s going, are totally relaxed and yet the mind wanders off peacefully. After the first session, I left Lisa’s feeling super confident, strong and positive – I couldn’t wait for the next session. This feeling stayed with me and, for a few weeks, I was sceptical that it would last. Well, it has! This treatment was a lucky find for me and I won’t hesitate to go back to Lisa again if ever I need to.

  4. I have been suffering from PTSD and severe anxiety since being assaulted 17 months ago. Nothing made the panic attacks go away. I was irritable, stressed, sad and overwhelmed. I thought that was what I would be like forever. Lisa has changed all of that. It is magic, but based in science. She explains the science, then performs the miracle. All virtually (Skype). I haven’t had a panic attack in weeks. Despite what is going on around us, I feel like I can cope better now than ever before. Whatever you are dealing with, I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

  5. I have suffered from anxiety for quite a while, but earlier this year it got a lot worse and resulted in sleep issues. After a lot of ‘googling’, I found Lisa.

    I was quite hesitant to try hypnotherapy at first, as I wasn’t sure how it would help me. But after the first few sessions I noticed a difference…not only was I sleeping better, but I was also feeling calm in situations that used to cause me major anxiety. My colleagues also noticed a change in me, saying they had never seen me happier or more relaxed.

    For those wondering, the sessions include being put into a trance like sleep, however you are subconsciously aware of everything she says to you. After every session I was left feeling calm and ready for anything life threw at me.

    Overall I can’t recommend Lisa enough and anyone struggling should contact her for help.

  6. After a friend gave me Lisa’s number I’ve been so gratefull to both. What an amazing lady, she helped me loads to find who I was as a person and not just a wife , mum or nannie.. I would highly recommend Lisa and would not think twice to go back if I felt I needed more sessions with her. I can not thank her enough, life is so beautiful.🌻.

  7. My Sister recommended Lisa as I was at the lowest and most anxious I have ever been. I was struggling to do almost everything and my quality of life was non existent. I felt I knew my problem and just needed to be strong and get on with it, but when I spoke to Lisa she opened my eyes to a completely different way of thinking and made me realise that although I could normally bounce back, I was never dealing with my issues head on so was never going to be able to be free of my anxiety. Since speaking with Lisa I have been completely liberated. Lisa has helped me get my independence back and I am now doing things that I havent done for years. I absolutely couldn’t recommend Lisa high enough and I am so grateful to her.

  8. I have spent years of my life crippled with a very specific relationship anxiety and it became the norm. I assumed that is how I would have to live the rest of my life, basically living in fear. By the time I came across Lisa, I had all but given up on any kind of therapy. I had tried counselling and CBT, which as much as I am sure they are amazing for some, they did not work for me. The doctors were insistent that medication was the way forward so I tried it but again nothing seemed to change.

    In September 2020 I was struggling more than ever and came across Lisa’s details. From the initial contact she made me feel so comfortable and “normal”, I didn’t feel like just another client, I genuinely felt that she cared. Since then I have seen her once a week and thrown myself into it and I am almost sad to say that today is my last session with her. But my goodness, I am so relieved and so grateful to be able to say I feel like me again. I am brighter and happier! The lovely thing is, everyone around me notices it too. I never thought I would be able to feel like this and it is completely down to Lisa.

    One thing she has taught me is that you do not have to feel anxious or sad, there is another, much happier way to live your life. I cannot recommend her highly enough. 🙂

  9. After a variety of challenging experiences over many years I was at a very low point. Lacking energy, drive and interest in many things, anxious and over eating to the extreme I was feeling very lost. I tried Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and have been astounded by the results. Lisa is extremely approachable, likeable and non-judgemental. I recommend this wonderful therapy to anyone needing help feeling better. I have stopped over eating, enjoy exercise and am much happier in my job. It is no exaggeration to say it’s been a life changing experience for which I will be forever grateful. Try it, you won’t regret it. I wish that more people tried this than resort to anti-depressants etc .

  10. Before I found Lisa, I was feeling the lowest I have ever felt. I was so consumed by anxiety that I couldn’t face getting up in the morning to start the day. I was so overwhelmed by absolutely everything, I could never relax and enjoy my life and I always found something negative to think about. and I had been living this way for many years. I decided to give hypnotherapy a go because I have tried other therapies such as CBT before which didn’t work for me and I really didn’t want to take medication. I felt I had no control over my life. My journey started in my very first session with Lisa where she explained to me exactly what was happening in my brain and why I was feeling anxious and panicked. It was the first time that someone had actually understood what I was saying and really took the time to explain why I was having the anxiety and panic attacks. It was interesting because I’ve read up on anxiety and panic attacks before and I had been to my GP but no one has explained it as well as Lisa did, in such a way that related to my life and experiences and it made complete sense. I instantly felt reassured that hypnotherapy was going to work for me. And it has – I can’t put into words how much better I feel. Lisa has retrained my brain to seek out the positive things in life and find solutions to problems instead of dwelling on them. The things happening in my life hasn’t changed, I’m just so much better at dealing with them. Every day now, when I have thoughts I always take the positive route and it just comes naturally now. Lisa has trained my brain to choose the positive path because it results in a more beneficial outcome and it makes me happier. Hypnotherapy has changed my life and I am now a much more positive person and I look forward to the future. Lisa is the nicest person and I really enjoyed my sessions with her, I really looked forward to going to see her every week. I would recommend hypnotherapy with Lisa to anyone, it’s such a positive experience and all anyone wants in life is to be happy and that’s exactly what Lisa teaches you.

  11. Just want to send you a message to say thank you so so much for today & for everything you’ve done to help me these last few months, your talent for this is absolutely second to non and I really don’t know what I would have done without you. I can’t thank you enough for you amazing kindness and support it means so so much for helping me through a rough time xxx

  12. Having recently separated from my husband of 21 years I felt incredibly lost. It felt like a death more than a separation and it was very difficult to focus on anything except how lost I felt and how I was scared of an unknown future. Lisa worked with me to rethink my future options and to understand why I was feeling the way i was and to accept that there was light at the end of the tunnel. Visualising a brighter future that was easily possible with just a little bit of positive thought and taking a bit of time for me was a wonderful life lesson. Thank you Lisa for teaching me a few new life skills and a new way to counter any negative thoughts that may creep in. I use my new skills each day and am so grateful for the hypnotherapy sessions which I still use.

  13. I had my first initial consultation with Lisa in January 2022 in Durrington, right away I felt at ease, Lisa has a very caring, warming nature which left me feeling very welcome. After seeing Lisa for a few sessions we changed location to Pewsey, I absolutely loved the environment here, her room is very relaxing. Even the drive there gave me a serotonin hit.
    Lisa has been so so kind and helped me in more ways than i can imagine. I first visited Lisa thinking the world was against me and i was the issue. I felt anxious and un-happy. Now, after 4 months i am free from the negative thoughts, and even when they do appear i am now able to cope with them better than ever before. My brain has been re-trained by Lisa and i can’t thank her enough for how much of an impact she has made on my mental health. I am now finding the positives in everything and i believe I’m shining like never before. I will still be continuing to visit Lisa as i would like to maintain my positive thinking and also because i thoroughly enjoy the sessions, I come out feeling a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.
    Again, thank you so much Lisa, you are fantastic xx

  14. Lisa has helped me in so many ways its difficult to express just how much. This modern world can be very challenging at times and as a result we burden ourselves with heavy, unrealistic expectations of how we should be living it. Through working with Lisa I have gained the skills to control my own life and the pace I live it. This has given me so much confidence, I feel empowered and in control. Able to deal with people and situations that have, in the past, left me feeling anxious, stressed out and inadequate. The journey itself was like talking to a friend, relaxed and informal, with some lovely hypnotherapy thrown in. I would wholeheartedly recommend Lisa to anyone and cannot thank her enough for the help and support she has given and for the new me, she has helped me discover.

  15. Lisa was fantastic during the time I went to her sessions, she is incredibly kind and caring and makes you feel very at ease and comfortable. Her hypnotherapy was very effective and she does a great job at it, making me feel much better in terms of my mood and general wellbeing. I would definitely recommend Lisa to anyone else!

  16. Lisa is a living and breathing angel! I started my sessions with her after a very challenging, stressful, upsetting period of change and I have come on leaps and bounds ever since. I have struggled with anxiety for quite some time and tried several other more “traditional” techniques but hypnotherapy is the only one that actually made a lasting, meaning impact on my mental health. Not only has it helped me cope with more heavy feelings of anxiety and stress but has also helped live a more relaxing life – just being able to go with the flow and not over think and sweat the small stuff. Having seen Lisa I feel much more confident within myself and when setting boundaries and saying no. Lisa made this whole process feel so comfortable straight away, she is an absolutely lovely lady with such a warm heart and everything she says makes absolute sense 💛🌻

  17. I struggle to put into words how grateful I am for all of the support, guidance and kindness Lisa has given to me. I started my sessions with her when I was suffering from an eating disorder, and decided that trying a new type of therapy might help me find my way through it and I could not have been happier that Lisa was recommended to me. She explained to me clearly the neuroscience behind my anxiety and low moods and showed me a path to the sunflowers. Her combination of understanding, and her extensive knowledge of the brain, with relaxing hypnosis I found very effective and a lovely change from ‘classic’ therapies (e.g CBT). I left my sessions with Lisa feeling uplifted and lighter, and throughout my time with her she aided me in moving on from my eating disorder, process my needle phobia, as well as helping me let go of stresses left over from my parents divorce and help me dissolve my diagnosed OCD. I cannot thank you enough Lisa, you have truly transformed my life and I am so grateful.

    Look no further, you have found your new solution focused hypnotherapist :)🌻

  18. Lisa is fantastic! I originally went to her to work on my fear of driving, but during my first consultation we realised that the fear was a symptom of my general anxiety disorder. We started work to help my general anxiety and I can’t put in words just how well the sessions have worked for me! For starters I was a completely different person in the car after just the first session! I went from freezing up behind the wheel to feeling totally comfortable and confident.

    But also in general my whole mind set has changed, I feel so confident, happy, calm, relaxed and overall just so much more positive about life! Lisa helped me to understand how the mind works and helped me to re-work my mind so that I can think and react differently in situations so that I am no longer anxious. Also the hypnotherapy side of it was so relaxing and I felt so comfortable during the appointments, and afterwards felt so much more positive and calm. The world looked a lot more bright and colourful after leaving the sessions!

    Her sleep audio that she gave me after my initial consultation has worked wonders too. Where I used to take hours to fall asleep I can now fall asleep within 5 minutes while listening to it. This is all added to the fact that she is so friendly and lovely! Talking to her was so easy and I’m going to miss our weekly sessions purely because she is so lovely to talk to!

    I can’t thank and recommend Lisa enough! 🙂

  19. I have seen various counsellors and therapists throughout my life including some with addresses on Harley Street. None of them has helped me as much as Lisa has. She has helped me to approach things in a different way, a positive way, making the most of a difficult situation, and navigating it as well as one possibly can under the circumstances. She is warm, compassionate and down to earth and amazing at what she does. I genuinely cannot recommend her enough.

  20. After suffering with IBS for years, and trying all sorts of treatments/ avenues, I decided to contact Lisa after a friend recommended her to me.
    Seeing Lisa has been life changing. She has totally re set my mind to a more positive way, which eases my anxieties and in turn stops the IBS symptoms. I so wish I’d done this sooner xx

  21. I recently sought help via Lisa for hypnotherapy, and I must say, she has been absolutely amazing. From the very first session, Lisa made me feel comfortable and at ease. She took the time to listen to my concerns and understand my goals for the therapy.

    Throughout our sessions, Lisa utilised her expertise and skills to help me overcome the challenges I was facing. Her calming voice and reassuring presence made the entire experience incredibly soothing and therapeutic.

    One of the things I appreciate most about Lisa is her ability to truly understand and empathise with her clients. She created a safe and non-judgmental space where I could openly share my thoughts and emotions.

    Thanks to Lisa’s guidance and support, I have regained a sense of self and feel like myself again. The positive changes I have experienced since working with her have been truly remarkable. I feel more confident, empowered, and equipped to handle life’s challenges.

    I cannot recommend Lisa enough to anyone seeking hypnotherapy. She is not only a skilled practitioner but also a compassionate and understanding individual. If you are looking for someone who can help you tap into your inner strength and overcome obstacles, Lisa is the perfect person to guide you on your journey.

  22. It’s seems I’m not alone in being amazed with the results after contacting Lisa.

    I was at a very different point in my life, and within a week I could already feel a positive change.

    Within a few weeks I was moving forward, feeling content and in a place where I could deal with anything that life threw at me (and it did!).

    I would recommend Lisa to anyone who needs help turning things around, without hesitation!


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