WHAT…I can help you with

Working together, using hypnotherapy, I can help you alleviate or cope better with symptoms and conditions caused by anxiety, depression or anger:

• Stress

• Panic attacks

• Self-harming


• Obsessive compulsive disorder ‘OCD)

• Irrational fears

• Excessive drinking

• Substance misuse

• Over/under eating

• Exam nerves

• Lack of confidence

• Poor self-esteem

• Poor performance in areas such as sports, music, presentations,

• Excessive blushing

• Postnatal depression

• Infertility

• Skin conditions

• Insomnia

…and the list goes on!

The bottom line is this: A problem is only a problem if it negatively impacts how you live your life…reach out to me to help you overcome or alleviate that problem.

It is highly likely that I can help.