WHY…we suffer in the ways we do

Understanding why we do and feel as we do can be extremely empowering and a crucial first step to understanding how our chosen therapy will help us make positive changes in our lives.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (‘SFH’) is based in neuro-science…there’s nothing “woo-woo” about it, although the amazing results achieved can make it feel a bit like magic.

SFH uses the natural workings of the brain to help the brain help itself.

On your SFH journey with me, we will explore the “science bit”. I will enlighten you about and introduce you to:

•Our two very different parts of the brain and how they both operate and think in completely different ways;

•What stress is, where it comes from and the impact it and trauma has on our brain, our behaviours and habits;

•The “stress bucket”;

•The conditions we suffer from and why;

•REM sleep – Rapid Eye Movement;

•The power of positive thinking;

•The best version of YOU!

There is no leap of faith required – this is pure neuroscience!

 If you want to find out more and start your SFH journey and get the real YOU back, please do get in touch!